Turbo-charge Your Revenue Recovery with Machine Learning

Leverage your existing database to realize higher margins, better resource management, and enhanced compliance.

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Purpose Built

Finely-tuned behavioral and economic models trained and tested on over 100 million interactions and decades of collection history.

Partner First

In partnership with ARM industry leaders, we designed our solution to complement your existing technology infrastructure.

Domain Expertise

We are leaders in applying industrial machine learning, with deep experience in collection operations.

The Attunely Platform

Optimize Resource Allocation

Create personalized collection strategies
Real-time optimization
Move beyond static scoring vendors

Improve Compliance

Configure compliance rules to meet federal and state regulations
Create client-specific rules to manage contractual obligations

Protect Your Data

Offload data hosting costs
Isolate each client's data in a separate container in the cloud
Designed from the ground up to meet the ISO 27001 standard

Machine Learning: You’re already 90% there

Machine learning is the application of modern algorithms to the historical accounts you’ve already worked. Our economic and behavioral models analyze your existing database to create new recovery strategies based on what’s worked in the past.

Segment & rank accounts by likelihood of payment
Identify the best method of outreach for each account
Revisit dormant accounts with late-stage targeting

How it Works

Ingest Historical Data

Connect the Attunely machine learning engine to your existing system of record to analyze the debtor accounts you've already worked. We form a deep understanding of each account using your internal status and outcome codes, then map them to events in the Attunely platform.

Tune Economic & Behavioral Models for Your Portfolios

We tune a series of proprietary machine learning models to match the historical performance of your portfolios and accounts. Different types of debt use different machine learning models. Each account is individually analyzed and scored across dozens of dimensions.

Integrate Attunely Into Your Existing Workflow

Use the Attunely platform to filter and prioritize accounts, and export them as work queues. Or, merge the Attunely Scores back into your system of record, where they can be used as part of your normal operational workflow.

Filter & Segment Accounts with Semantic Tagging

Perform deeper segmentation on your accounts using dynamic rule-based filtering. Monitor for account anomalies or create rule-based compliance checks, all without writing a line of code.


Scott Ferris

Founder & CEO


Scott brings >30 years of technology executive management experience in both domestic and international markets. Scott’s career spans decades of technology innovation within B2B & B2C, enterprise and entrepreneurial organizations. Scott pioneered the first digital broadband network in the U.K., dial-up streaming video, eRetail, digital advertising, and mobile commerce through his leadership positions with US WEST, Starbucks, start up Vendaria, aQuantive, Microsoft, and now Scott is applying his machine learning domain expertise to Attunely Inc. Scott holds a BA degree in Marketing from American InterContinental University.

Ryan Kosai

Co-Founder & CTO


Ryan is an engineering leader with deep experience in enterprise software. He most recently served as Chief Technology Officer at Pioneer Square Labs, a startup studio and venture capital fund in Seattle, and was previously the Chief Technology Officer at Athleon, a venture-backed startup acquired in 2012. Ryan has also held several senior engineering roles, including at ExtraHop Networks, where he led front-end engineering, and at Marchex, leading a team to develop scalable VoIP infrastructure. Ryan holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Washington.

Trip Edwards

Co-Founder, VP-Strategy & Partnerships


Trip has been building startups at the intersection of technology and venture capital for 10+ years. He was most recently a Senior Associate at Pioneer Square Labs, where he led the venture studio’s earliest efforts to launch companies such as Jet Closing, Boundless, and Attunely. Prior to that, Trip was an Associate at Dallas Venture Partners, where he was an investor and operator across a portfolio of agtech, healthcare, and fintech companies. Early in his career, Trip started two companies in China and worked as an Analyst for a venture capital firm there. Trip holds a BA degree from the University of Colorado, Boulder and an MBA from Southern Methodist University.

Carl Toews

Principal Data Scientist


Carl brings to Attunely over 15 years of applied mathematical research experience.  He has held positions as research staff at the MIT Lincoln Laboratory, as a postdoctoral fellow at the Institute for Mathematics and Its Applications, and as a data science fellow at Insight Data Science.  Carl completed a PhD in mathematics at the University of Virginia in 2002, and has taught and published extensively.

Steve Wilansky

Chief Legal & Compliance Officer


Steve is a seasoned accounts receivable management (ARM) legal executive with 20+ years of industry experience. He was a member of the Attunely Advisory Board before joining the company as Chief Legal & Compliance Officer in October 2018. Prior to Attunely, Steve served as Chief Legal Officer at College Avenue Student Loans; Chief Legal & Regulatory Officer at Javlin Capital; Chief Legal Officer at Arrow Financial Services and General Counsel of Sallie Mae’s Asset Performance Group division. Steve is a graduate of Cornell University and The George Washington University National Law Center.

Rob Nadler

VP, Sales


Rob is a seasoned veteran in the ARM industry with more than 20 years of experience in collections, debt purchase, structured finance, and consumer lending. Rob’s career track has entailed leadership positions with responsibilities over Sales, Business Development, Marketing, Servicing, Customer Service, and Operations. Prior to Attunely, Rob served as COO & Managing Partner at Javlin Capital, VP Sales and Business Development at Sallie Mae and Managing Partner at Faller Financial. Rob graduated from Ithaca College with a BS degree in Marketing.

Our Mission

Pioneer the latest advances in machine learning technology for the Accounts Receivable Management industry. Partner with all stakeholders to help extract immense value from existing data assets for the most optimal revenue recovery strategies that comply with strict regulatory and client-specific requirements.

Our Values

We are laser focused on what we can do to delight our customers & partners. We are seasoned software innovators that are hungry to solve complex optimization challenges. We conduct ourselves with the utmost professional integrity, humility, transparency, and mutual respect. We are obsessed with finding ways to map our skills to the aspirations and expertise of others. We always hold ourselves fully accountable to deliver a first class product that is seen as indispensable. This requires us to be all in, all the time.


Attunely is built on partnerships. If you are interested in learning how to turbo charge your or your clients’ revenue recovery with machine learning,  please drop us a line. We would love to connect and start a relationship.

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