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Machine Learning Powered Recoveries

Proven, compliant, and trustworthy optimization technology that applies the latest advances in machine learning to make the recovery of receivables easy, seamless, and profitable. Commercialized machine learning is expensive and hard. Paving a new path as an industry pioneer is even harder. Tap our team of experts to increase your chances of success.  

Data Engine

Keep a fresh perspective. 

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Server Setup

  • Secure, custom, cloud-based server instance  
  • Live data feed and open exchange  
  • Configurable run settings with activity logs 

Data Ingestion (All De-Identified) & Status Code Mapping

  • Data cleansing and mapping to our data model  
  • Regular  status reports and progress updates  
  • Monitoring and alert generation 

Anomaly Detection

  • Inbound and outbound call cadence and volume  
  • Letter activity  
  • Digital campaign activity 

Record Search (All De-Identified) 

  • Individual account lookup & status code inspection   
  • Account details verification  
  • Score migration analysis 


View and segment inventory like never before with a catalogue of recovery-based operational metrics to measure and improve collection strategies.

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Secure, De-identified, Cloud-based Analytics

  • 250+ and counting pre-calculated operational metrics specific to revenue recovery 
  • Inventory tagging and segmentation 
  • Augmented data monitoring and quality assurance 

Real-Time Operational Strategy Assessment  

  • Regular consultations with ops team 
  • In-depth inventory analysis 
  • ML model calibration and feedback loop 

Custom Queries & Report Creation 

  • Collapse complex SQL queries into SmartGrids 
  • Refreshed daily and delivered to your inbox 
  • Cross team collaboration on unified metrics 

Model Suite

One suite for all your business objectives. Whether you are looking to maximize recoveries, reduce  operational expenses, or audit and refine your operational strategies,  Attunely’s dynamic optimization models can get you there.​

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Predict the likelihood of receiving a payment


Analyze historical data to ​inform the expected value​ over a specific timeframe

Day Zero

Day Zero model to predict an expected value based on Attunely’s exclusive global de-identified dataset

Settlement Optimization

Calculate the best offer to settle accounts in a purchased debt portfolio

Payment Plan

Calculate optimal payment plan ​options

Time of Day

Identify the best time for consumer contact​

Default Prevention

Determine the need ​for counseling or additional support​ 

From a KPI standpoint, Attunely is a resounding success! Most importantly to me, we had roughly the same number of RPCs with 25% of the dial attempts.”

 — Rick Bonitzer, CEO of Credit Collection Partners